Is Your Business Listing Being Hijacked……….Probably?

What makes my blood boil is when MY online business listings are being used by other parties to drive MY customers to their ordering platforms.

For example: When I used to Google my “Pockets 309 W. Lake” location and looked at the enhanced business listing (that I set up), the menu link was leading to (a company owned by Grubhub). For all intensive purposes, my listing, which is designed to promote my restaurant, was sending my customers to Grubhub!

How did this happen? When I logged into my GoogleMyBusiness account to edit this page; I found that I could change everything EXCEPT the “Menu” link. It was then that I realized I was really being screwed by someone. To get to the bottom of this, I contacted Google directly and was informed that these links come from a 3rd party and that they do not control what goes here. The good news is if you contact Google directly they will make the change for you. So if you want to save money contact Google immediately: (upper left use the drop down to contact support) and they will call you back; make sure you have your account info.

That’s not all. Other parties that control mobile search and other search engines are doing the same thing. Here are two additional links that will help you adjust what your customers see and where they are directed:,

Getting these listings fixed will take some effort. However, once this fix is in place I assure you that the number of orders coming from your website will increase and your Grubhub invoice will go down. In many cases this may mean thousands of dollars a year. This is another example of third party vendors taking advantage of your ignorance. Don’t let them get away with it. You can thank me later, just make these changes now!