Fight Back Against Grubhub

10 Things You Need to Do to
Get Grubhub Customers to Order from Your Website
  • Offer customers a first time discount.
  • Have a loyalty program in place.
  • Create special offers that can be redeemed only at your site
  • Create a unique coupon that can be given to Grub Hub customers specifically; this will motivate them to order from your website (when they do, you will now own their email info).
  • On a regular basis send out emails to your database with special offers or coupons
  • Make sure customers who order from Grubhub pay full price and don’t get any special offers or coupons
  • Market only your website for online/mobile ordering at the restaurant. Don’t put up their signs, use their bags, use their coupons, etc.
  • For those who really believe in their brand and business. Turn off Grubhub for a couple weeks and require all orders to come in from your website.
  • Make sure your website is Mobile friendly (not just a shrunken version of your desktop).
  • Remind your customers to order from your website, not Grub Hub’s. Paying 15% and higher is not sustainable (except of course for Grubhub).

How Clients are Leveraging Technology to Solve Problems.

Client: Bacci Pizza on Halsted

Problem: Credit Card Fees and Chargebacks are a high pain point.

Solution: Get customers to pay with cash. Using the iMenu360 system and the payment type discount feature, when a customer pays with cash, customers get a 15% discount.

Results: More Cash coming in. Very little credit card orders being placed. Credit card fees done and more cash to work with.