You Only Need One Website

Simply put…there should only be one website that represents your business and it MUST be owned by you! Unscrupulous providers often put up competing websites (known as hijacking) that you don’t own so they can steer customers to their ordering platforms. These services charge more money and steal your customer data. When customers search online for your listing, they are presented with multiple choices and often don’t go to the site you own; this confuses customers and creates added expense to you

The way to stop them is simple. If a provider puts up a competing website, call them immediately and tell them to remove it. Tell them you will not process any orders that come via that avenue. If you get an order from that site, tell the customer you don’t process orders from there and that they need to go to your website to order. This may be painful to consider (turning away an order), but once this happens to a few customers, that other site will be removed.

To find out if you’ve been hijacked, go to and enter the name of your restaurant and the city where it resides; your website should come up first. If you see other sites, then this is when you need to take action. Your business has value and having one website that you control and where your customers go to order from is critically important. If other providers are leveraging your brand for their benefit, it must be stopped!