Make Your Website A Mobile App


The expense of building, hosting and maintaining an App is no longer necessary when all you need is to add a feature to your iMenu360 mobile ordering platform that allows customers to bookmark your site to their desktop.

The benefits are obvious.  The single most powerful advantage is that the App stores are no longer needed.  Customers can order immediately and don’t have to go to the store to download, install and register.  In addition, developers don’t have to submit an application every time they want to make a change, which adds weeks to the process.

All you need to do is contact your website developer and have them add this feature to your website.  In essence creating a mobile app. home-screen.

More and more companies are doing this. Saving money, time and providing a product that is easier for customers to use.

With mobile orders exceeding desktop orders, it is important that you devote resources to your mobile presence.  You must have a mobile friendly website and with the feature described above, a mobile App is fingertips away.