Fight Back Against Grubhub

10 Things You Need to Do to
Get Grubhub Customers to Order from Your Website
  • Offer customers a first time discount.
  • Have a loyalty program in place.
  • Create special offers that can be redeemed only at your site
  • Create a unique coupon that can be given to Grub Hub customers specifically; this will motivate them to order from your website (when they do, you will now own their email info).
  • On a regular basis send out emails to your database with special offers or coupons
  • Make sure customers who order from Grubhub pay full price and don’t get any special offers or coupons
  • Market only your website for online/mobile ordering at the restaurant. Don’t put up their signs, use their bags, use their coupons, etc.
  • For those who really believe in their brand and business. Turn off Grubhub for a couple weeks and require all orders to come in from your website.
  • Make sure your website is Mobile friendly (not just a shrunken version of your desktop).
  • Remind your customers to order from your website, not Grub Hub’s. Paying 15% and higher is not sustainable (except of course for Grubhub).

Author: David Litchman

David Litchman has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years. A graduate of the University of Michigan, David started Pockets right out of college and was one of the first restaurants to serve healthier, fresh, fast food. As Pockets grew, David looked for ways to make operations more efficient and was introduced to online ordering in 2003. Pockets became an early adopter and David worked with the developer to modify the system to improves both the customer and restaurateurs experience. In 2007, David founded iMenu360. David assembled a technology team that has been able to develop a product that allows restaurateurs to have a state of the art branded online/mobile ordering solution. In the last 9 years, iMenu360 has worked with operators of all shapes and sizes. From single unit operators to the U.S. Military across the world. Under David's leadership, iMenu360 continues to grow and assist operators in the battle against the portals(Grubhub, Seamless, Eat24,, Etc).